Silicon Carbide Membranes

Quests silicon carbide membranes offer a resilient conductive substrate for electron, optical microscopy and X-ray applications. Silicon carbide or SiC is a very conductive crystalline material with high electrical and thermal conductance and provides a nitrogen free environment for elemental analysis.

Applications for SiC membranes include X-ray optical, photonic crystals, quantum resonators, MEMS structures etc. These unique membranes can be used for substrates for epitaxial growth on thin films and insitu electrochemical and gas cells.

Some key properties of SiC membranes are:

1.Low resistivity silicon frames for added charge and heat dissipation
2.High thermal conductivity and thermally stable up to 800C
3.Single Crystal membrane, 3C phase
4.Nitrogen free substrate for EDX elemental analysis and X –ray spectroscopy of nanomaterials ,
biological material and thin films