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Queensland Semiconductor Technologies Pty Ltd incorporate, Queensland Sensors, Queensland Systems and Quest Water Sanitizer Systems within its company

Quest is an Australian owned company specializing in power semiconductors ,thermopile and sensor technology , security and amplifier technology and fresh water sanitisation. Quests associated company Semefab Plc have an impressive track record of process development, process induction and volume foundry supporting silicon based MEMS, CMOS, ASIC, Bipolar-Linear & Discrete semiconductor device technologies.

Semefab was founded in 1986, Fab1 produces a diverse process portfolio of 4" CMOS, ASIC, Bipolar-Linear & Discrete semiconductor technologies. Fab1 fabricates precision analogue integrated circuits, JFET transistors, Bipolar transistors, Photo Diodes, Mixed Signal ASICs and supports the 'front-end processing' for many different MEMS technologies.

Our systems division specialise in the design and manufacture of power handling and detection products.

Our major product range centres on our digital amplifier technology. This world beating technology can be found in other amplifier manufacturers’ products. The component and module side of our business continues to grow as other manufacturers both small and large release products based upon our core technology. Because of the nature of this business we do not advertise which amplifier manufacturers we currently supply.

Key features of our amplifier products are:

The last feature is evident by the use of our modules in numerous guitar amplifier products.

The small size, lightweight and high efficiency means our modules are highly regarded for military projects. We supply modules to various missiles and unmanned aerial vehicle programs.

Apart from the module and component products we also manufacture a comprehensive range of background music products. These products use our high efficiency class D amplifiers and the range is supplemented by a unique offering of high quality wall and ceiling mounted speakers. We have supplied background music systems to installations for Next plc, House of Fraser, ASDA and Sainsbury’s. The product range has also proven very popular in numerous installations for bars and restaurants.   www.quest-systems.com

Another exciting product from our systems division is the water sanitizer system we supply to the pool industry. www.questpools.com.au

QUEST stands for Queensland Semiconductor Technologies and is fast becoming one of the world’s most advanced water purification system not only in the pool industry but also for water purification in hospitals , military establishments even recycling water in holy buildings where using water to clense ones self is a necessity and needs to be recycled due to the value of water in hotter climates.

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