Queensland Semiconductor Design And Manufacturing For A Global Market

Queensland Semiconductor Technology Pty Ltd is jointly owned by Semefab Ltd a UK based company . We are located in Queensland and work in conjunction with a number of leading technology companies, institutes and currently working alongside Griffith University of Queensland.

Quest are able to offer a wide range of products from high voltage switching SiC SBD technology for use in applications such as electric cars ,wind farms , solar power to MEMS , sensors , Jfets and much more.

We are always looking to work with companies with a forward thinking ethos within the areas of semiconductors, sensors , systems , amplifiers and  HV switching applications. 

Queensland Semiconductor Technologies Leading Australia's Techology Revolution

Quest and Semefab’s capability can support numerous  technology platforms in high voltage SiC SBD , Schottky technology , MEMS, discrete semiconductors, power semiconductors, sensors , Jfets etc. Global coverage with our facilities in Scotland , Spain , Australia and New Zealand offer around-the-clock support and customer service. 

Quest is well versed in developing and optimising specific customer requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. High voltage homogeneous current Schottky diodes, to thermopiles show the diversity in our capability of semiconductor and power semiconductor manufacturing. 

QUEST has a successful track record of working with all sizes of organisations from start-ups to large scale multinational companies. With our support we can get your product ready for market with all the requisites required with  a product built to the highest specifications.

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SiC SBDs are small semi-conductor devices or one-way switches that are widely used in power conversion systems that rely heavily on the characteristics of silicon carbide – in that it is highly thermally conductive, has an extremely low coefficient for thermal expansion and is also highly resistant to thermal shock.

In general, silicon carbide SBDs are considered to be significantly more efficient than standard diodes, being able to operate at high current density with a low forward voltage drop that result in less wasted energy.

The downside of silicon carbide diodes is that the production process has traditionally been complicated and relatively costly but through the research collaboration that Quest have established with QMF, new patented processes are now available that dramatically speed up and reduce the cost of the process.

Incorporating production steps that are standard procedure in the manufacture of SiC wafers has revolutionized the design of these components and also allows customer specifications in regard to forward voltage and current rating to be facilitated in a timely and cost-effective manner. Low fabrication time and reduced costs all results in lower prices for the customers and the product will be in high demand particularly in the production of solar inverters, motor drives, electric car chargers and other users of uninterruptable power supplies.

At the present time, Quest can provide SiC SBDs that operate within a voltage range of 600 – 4500 v but the research in which we are involved indicates that even higher ranges are possible. Currently available in the TO247 package or as a wafer level Bare Die silicon carbide Schottky diodes which are also in the voltage range from 650 -4500v.

Quest has established an outstanding reputation within the industry for delivering exactly what the customer needs, regardless of the size of their operation or the platform on which they operate. Whilst leading the way as SiC Schottky Diode manufacturers the operation extends to power modules, TCIGBT’S, wafers in 4’’, 6’’ and 8’’, sensors, SiC membranes and Jfets – versatility is one of the keys to the business model. Quest is happy to listen to your specific requirements and provide precisely what you require – whatever it is. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs now.

Furthermore, with centres in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Spain, Quest and affiliates Semefab can assure customers of a global network of customer service and support across all time zones ensuring your continuing peace of mind.