Semiconductor Design And Manufacturing For A Global Market

Queensland Semiconductor Technology Pty Ltd is jointly owned by Semefab Ltd a UK based company . We are located in Queensland and work in conjunction with a number of leading technology companies, institutes and currently working alongside Griffith University of Queensland.

Quest are able to offer a wide range of products from high voltage switching SiC SBD technology for use in applications such as electric cars ,wind farms , solar power to MEMS , sensors , Jfets and much more.

We are always looking to work with companies with a forward thinking ethos within the areas of semiconductors, sensors , systems , amplifiers and  HV switching applications. 

Queensland Semiconductor Technologies Leading Australia's Techology Revolution

Quest and Semefab’s capability can support numerous  technology platforms in high voltage SiC SBD , Schottky technology , MEMS, discrete semiconductors, power semiconductors, sensors , Jfets etc. Global coverage with our facilities in Scotland , Spain , Australia and New Zealand offer around-the-clock support and customer service. 

Quest is well versed in developing and optimising specific customer requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner. High voltage homogeneous current Schottky diodes, to thermopiles show the diversity in our capability of semiconductor and power semiconductor manufacturing. 

QUEST has a successful track record of working with all sizes of organisations from start-ups to large scale multinational companies. With our support we can get your product ready for market with all the requisites required with  a product built to the highest specifications.

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